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Letter Carrier and Mr ZipLetter Carriers and Mr ZipLittle Camera GirlLittle Camera Girl_1Mascots Mr Zip and Dunkin DonutsMr Zip and Letter CarrierMr Zip and PostmasterMr Zip Meets RaymondMr Zip With other MascotsOn Field After First Pitch PresentationOn Field After First Pitch Presentation_1On Field After First Pitch Presentation_2On Field after First Pitch_3On Field Delivering The BallOn Field Delivering the Ball_1On Field First Pitch Gets AwayOn Field First Pitch is on the WayOn Field First Pitch on the wayOn Field Here is First PitchOn Field with Carriers

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Christine Sylva(non-registered)
Yet another perfect delivery by letter carrier, Sue, from Englewood. Carrier commended! Here's hoping the Tampa Bay pitching staff has delivery as dependable.
Christine Sylva(non-registered)
Hope you get these entered soon Thanks!
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